You could also get rid of them entirely

You could also get rid of them entirely

He would excitedly approach new people and meow at them to lat him, roll over onto his back for belly rubs, etc. So now husband shows up at my door and the cat does his thing. Within 10 seconds, the cat is on his back meowing for belly ribs. People are stupid. Scooters just give them a new creative way to off themselvesi had a group of high school kids bolt out in front of me, speeding thru the crosswalk on bikes (no helmets) as im coming down spicewood springs thru the mesa dr intersection.i had a green, and they crossed and stopped halfway in the middle of the intersection when they realized what was happening.the lanes were clear as i approached and came thru the intersection. I was not at a stop, but going the full legal speed as a whizzed thru.

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